Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Days are Here Again

Well we are back to normal again thank goodness and just in time because I have signed up for another Karen Ruane online class and the first day is full of instructional videos.
It was so painful not being able to look at the pictures on peoples blogs because of the slower download speed--I don't know how people get on who still only have dial up connections.
Yesterday some one sent me an e-mail with one of those gushy stories that had so many pictures to it that it took too long to download and it kept on timing out-so it would retry and then it would time out again.
It went on and on and on -I think there were 27 attempts and no other e-mail could get through.
I was waiting for an e-mail about the workshop and I was getting rather p----d of to say the least.
At around midnight I logged on and checked it and lo and behold like magic we had our new new usage rate back and the e-mail had finally gotten through right into the recycle bin where I had sent it.
Anyhow I promised you a photo of Ebony's new hair cut so--ta da--
She has to go back in a couple of weeks to have it re-shaped because the hair dresser couldn't get the comb through it properly to do what Ebony wanted.

And a side view------what she want is to have it cut up around her ears and I think it will look lovely and be so much easier for her to handle when she is a high school this year.

So here's to happy times again and I am off to start making "stuff" for my new class :))


Janet said...

I glad you're back up to speed. Nothing is more frustrating than a slow internet connection when you're trying to download emails.

Ebony looks beautiful, as always. I doubt she could ever look bad.

MosaicMagpie said...

Hey Classmate!
Just visitin' Cute haircut on a cutie!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Yay - glad you're up and running again!

Pat said...

Just so grown up Ebony looks lovely. Hope you connection stays good so you can enjoy your class.

Dorothy said...

Ebony is certainly looks very grownup with her new hairstyle. Glad the slow period is up for you it is very frustrating when internet is slow. Enjoy your class and then we can enjoy your journey too with photos.

Heather said...

Enjoy your new class Doreen. I can't get to read the email my online tutor sent me days ago, and I'm waiting to enrol for the next module so I know how you've been feeling. My computer is working OK but there is a glitch somewhere between us.
Love Ebony's new hairdo - she'll look very grown up and stylish when the next cut has been done.

Sandy said...

It's so cute.

Robin Mac said...

So glad you are back to speed again. I was completely off air for several hours yestrday - heatwave caused the UPS protecting my computer to shut down! Thank goodness for a tech husband who got it sorted so now I can see Ebony's lovely new haircut. Cheers

Downunderdale said...

good to see you are back and in action again -

Maggi said...

Glad that you are back up to speed. Ebony's new hair style is impressive, look forward to seeing stage 2.

Dot said...

Ebony;s haircut really suits her. She is growing up very fast. Glad your internet speed is back to normal. Dot xx