Monday, May 9, 2011

What's my problem?

This year I decided that I would attempt to learn new techniques in embroidery and several things have been offered at the guild that I thought I would try.
First there was the Japanese darning and you have seen the results of that class.
Next it was Long and Short stitch---well I haven't shown you that because I am embarrased.
I hate doing Satin stitch--when I did Sharon Boggans first TAST online challange it was the only stitch that I did not do a sample of--hate-hate-hate it.
Long and Short stitch to me is another name for Satin stitch-I know you are saying to me under your breath "No it isn't" but my tiny brain is telling me otherwise.
Well we had a 3 hour lesson and all I came home with was a design drawn on a piece of fabric with holes in it where I had stitched and unpicked so many times that it looked like a seive.
Are you still with me?
So on Saturday at our Creative group we were shown how to do Creative Canvas work by one of our Guild members who is brilliant at it.
OK -below is the photo of how far I got.
Nothing -zip-zilch.
I threaded the needle and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't get it to go through the fabric.
Oh it would go through it but my tiny brain was at work again-planting the seeds of doubt again.
I always struggle with counted thread work---but all I have to do is count in lots of four I hear you say.
I know-I know but it terrifies me.
When we had childrens classes at the guild there were several times where the lady who was the leader decided to teach them some canvas work and I thought "here's my chance" but I was humiliated--the children had all of there 3" x4" samples finished and I was still unpicking mine--oh the shame.
But I have decided that I will not let it beat me this time I am going to master it.

I know I can --I know I can--I know I can.:-(


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

If anyone can YOU can Doreen!
I've had a good laugh reading this post, cos I know how you feel.

At the 10 week course I've just finished at our guild - I had similar experiences.
But I call it "reverse" stitching!!
Everyone else seemed to know what to do except me. I really excelled at only one stitch - surface stitching or Swedish huck stitching!!!

Everything you make is gorgeous so I wouldn't worry!!

Heather said...

I do admire your perseverence Doreen, but why are you putting yourself through these trials? Long and short stitch is one of those stitches which looks easy in theory but in practice it's really hard to make it look good. Why not look for a new technique that you can enjoy - go on, be kind to yourself.

Sandy said...

You said you were going to attempt to learn not learn. You have done that. Sometimes it's more important to find out what we don't like(or can't do to our satisfaction) and not waste more time on it. Go back to what you enjoy.

Suztats said...

Sometimes it's empowering to face those fears, and sometimes it just ends in frustration. Only you can judge which category this falls into. Our inner critic can paralyze us with self-doubt, and self-recriminations, but that voice can be silenced by conquering those fears.
Wishing you joy in your stitching.

Janet said...

I doubt there is anything done with a needle and thread that you can't do. With that said, I must agree with the other comments....why not do something you enjoy. No one ever said you HAVE to make every stitch that has ever been done. Pick the ones you like and be the very best at those. No one can be the best at everything.

maggi said...

I agree with Sandy and Heather. Life is too short to be trying to perfect things that we just don't like.

Robin Mac said...

I agree with Heather and Sandy - you have given it a go and you don't like it. Life is too short for all those frustrations, you do such lovely work with your other techniques. Cheers

Hilary Metcalf said...

Of course you CAN learn it Doreen - but why bother - you don't appear to be enjoying it - life's too short to flog yourself - one of the benefits of ageing gracefully is that you develop wisdom - you don't have to be good at everything!

Anneliese said...

I read somthing about reverse stitching !!! Ha, ha, ha, how do I know this so well - in sewing and knitting and crocheting. I call it backwards sewing. But really - it is the proof that we are4 so patient with our work.

Pat said...

"You can if you want to" my mother used to say but I still can't tap dance......or do satin stitch.

shirley said...

Join the club Doreen I am hopeless at both those you I have tried so now I just use something else...easy way out. Everything else you do is stunning so why let two little stitches worry you.