Thursday, May 12, 2011

A few more

I have been sick for several days with a cold/flu like lurgy so I have been doing a few different patterns to keep myself amused.
I am coping very well at present with these designs--as long as they don't get any bigger I should be ok.

I have made a small tassell and some cord to go with this pink/purple one

And I rather like this one made in Variegated thread----with a tassell--now I have to make the cord.

All I have to do is add some beads to them and I will be able to make them all up----whoo hooo.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures but my scanner was not behaving itself tonight.


Heather said...

Hope you soon feel better Doreen - I love the latest crop of little gems you have stitched. You'll be making bags and bookcovers in no time at this rate! The cords and tassels will really set them off.

maggi said...

Lovely, I particularly like the variegated purple ones with that gorgeous tassell.