Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's going on here?

Well let me tell you there is nothing creative going on that's for sure.
I have spent 10 days sorting out stuff in my "studio" and I use that term very loosely at present.
I was looking for something--I can't even remember what it was anymore--but like what usually happens one thing lead to another and the next thing that I knew I was cleaning-sorting-tossing out-rearranging, you know what I mean---a bit like shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic just shifting things around.
Well I now can see the desk and what's more I can see carpet again.
The recycle table at the Guild will make a huge profit on all the stuff that I took in there.
Then Stephen decided to re-cover the back yard area with new mulch---and I decided to help.
You girls would have been proud of me--shovelling all that lovely mulch into the wheel barrow so that he could spread it around.
There was almost 100 wheelbarrow loads full and I was on a roll.
Then we decided that we wanted to take Ebony on her first plane flight--to Melbourne.
So I was on the internet booking the tickets and the accommodation--got that all sorted out--but then realised the next day that I had booked the flight for one week and the accomodation for the next week.
Geez how many senior moments can one person cope with.
Anyhow it is now sorted out and the dates finally coincide and I have made arrangements to meet up with our dear friend Dot (of Dotee doll fame who no longer has a blog).
Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep the secret from Ebony until closer to the time when we leave.
Next I need to get back in that lovely tidy room and make a new mess.


Penny said...

Melbourne sounds like fun, not so sure about the mulch!

Aussie Jo said...

What a busy little beaver.
I'm just in the process of booking somewhere to stay in Melbourne for me and the girls to have a little get away over the school holidays too.

Joei Rhode Island said...

I love working in the garden...even stuff like shoveling mulch. Gives you such a good feeling.
Have fun with Ebony. I'm just back from California visiting g'kids. They grow up soooooo fast!

Heather said...

Well done you! Have a great time in Melbourne and enjoy messing your room up again.

Maureen said...

I'd offer to pay your fare over here to have a go at my craft room but think that's a bit desperate!!! so i'll have to clear it myself. Thanks for the info re blogger - looks like it may be their problem. Hoping yours is one that I can comment on - here goes......

Robin Mac said...

Wow, that must have been some effort in your studio, but I bet you have found stuff you had completely forgotten about! The trip to Melbourne sounds like fun. I've been there, done that with accommodation too,but sorted it eventually. Hope you are enjoying the cold weather. Cheers.

Hilary Metcalf said...

If you are wanting to keepit secret from Ebony I have to assume she doesn't read your blog??!!

shirley said...

whew, what a busy little bee you have been.
I have another solution which is quite drastic for the majority of people...move is amazing what you can cull, and how easy it is to tidy your cupboards....and how wonderful to find things you thought were lost.

100 wheelbarrows of mulch....gee!

Christine said...

I echo Hilary's post, LOL. But then I'm sure at her age she isn't interested in blogs, kids prefer Facebook etc. I LIKED your room as it was though, really looked like you were just too busy creating to find time for other more mundane things. I too have tidied up, but now I can't find some things I put in a "safe" place, LOL. Oh well..

Janet said...

I'm so envious that you get to spend time with Dot. I miss her since she closed her blog.

Between the studio cleaning and the back yard project you must be ready for a relaxing trip. Ebony will be thrilled. You're such a good grandma!

Suztats said...

I think I'd be laid up for a week having shoveled all that mulch! Wow!
Isn't it nice to have a tidy place to mess up? How many things did you find you'd forgotten you had?
And kudos for recycling all those items you no longer wanted!

Dorothy said...

Wow! Waiting to see a picture of your tidy studio, you may be able to inspire me. I cannot even get to my chair let alone the machines!I do have a very good excuse but that doesn't clear the confusion. Enjoy Melbourne.

Sandy said...

Clearing out always seems to feel so good, but why don't the piles go down? Thanks for commenting on my blog.

karen said...

sounds familiar to me...I turned up at a London hotel once only to discover I had booked for 6 months ahead!! Not only that, I lost my money and was ''bedless'' for a night!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Now it's going to be interesting to see what you create with all that long-lost 'stuff' you've unearthed in your studio!!

Anneke said...

good morning doreen.
everyhting sounds familiar to me aswell and i love to clear sometimes and when i bought new stuff, i like to re decorate again.have a nice weekend and greetings from a sunny netherlands.