Monday, February 21, 2011

Pattern Darning (Kogin)

Today in my Pattern Darning class we did Kogin which is a form of pattern darning that was developed in an area of Japan to improve the warmth and strength of fabric.(quote from Tutors notes)
Traditional Kogin designs were worked in white thread on dark blue (indigo dyed) fabric on clothing and now can be seen on bags-purses-wall hangings etc.(more quotes)
Once you get into the rhythm of the stitching it all falls into place- but again if you make a mistake it is very obvious.

I struggled with the back because I like it to be neat(I know you all said not to worry about it) but- you have to leave a loop at the end of each row.
The reason for this is that when the garment was washed the thread would shrink and without the loop of extra thread the garment would pucker.
I did forget to leave a loop a couple of times but by the time I noticed I was too far down the track so I just left it.
The long tails still attached were from starting and ending threads--I didn't have to weave them in because they will get caught up when I make the sample into a pin cushion or something else.
Or I may just leave it as a sample--who knows.

I think next week is going to be a real eye strainer :0(


Heather said...

This pattern is somehow very soothing. It looks Japanese - don't know if it is the colour or the pattern itself. I am impressed by the neatness of the back. Get some early nights in, in preparation for the eye strainer!

Joei Rhode Island said...

This is *very* lovely, Doreen. And the back looks perfect =-) You might try some magnifers.

Janet said...

Each time I go back and look at this pattern it reminds me of something else....buttons and flowers came to mind, and it also looks a little like some zentangle designs. It's beautiful and the dark blue against the creamy background really stands out.

Annet said...

This is very pretty. I know how hard it is, I did kogin ones with white thread on dark blue fabric. Counting threads is not my favorite too!

Penny said...

Looks lovely but I dont think I have either the patence or the eyes

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My eyes are crossing just thinking about it, but your piece looks great!

Christine said...

Looks like you had fun Doreen. Hope you are using magnifiers? I find stitching in short bursts helps my eyes and my hands, VBG.
You make me feel very guilty to be sitting on the PC instead of stitching !

linda said...

your stitching looks lovely Doreen - attractive pattern too.