Monday, February 28, 2011

Final Pattern Darning class

The final lesson today in Pattern Darning was what the tutor calls Two way Darning.
This was the technique that was used back in the "olden days" and I mean "olden days" when young girls would stitch away mending garments---and I don't know how they ever managed to do it with out the aid of electricity and magnifying glasses.
The first lot of stitches I worked were the green vertical ones and I made a couple of boo boos along the top but if I didn't tell you then you probably wouldn't have noticed.
The horizontal pink ones were worked next and they were woven in and out of the green ones in the centre.
I had to unpick a few rows every now and then-one would really wonder how much of a problem it is to count "under two and over four" and keep getting it wrong-but I did with monotonous regularity-but in the end I finished it and I am very happy again.
The first photo is the front --------------

And the second one is the back---------------

I have a couple of other small patterns that I will try later but I now have a new Church banner that I have to make up--so it will be heads down for a while now.


Sandy said...

That is a pretty pattern. Remember you said they were young girls--young eyes.

Heather said...

Lovely pattern Doreen and the back is as good as the front. I know what you mean about counting regular blocks of stitches, I have the same problem with canvaswork - simple enough in theory but ....

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very impressive! You persevered and have a perfect piece to show for it. Counting isn't my forte either, so I know I would have messed up more than you did!

Robin Mac said...

Lovely work doreen - I can remember darning a good dress which had somehow been nicked (cut not stolen!) and the stitches were so fine nobody noticed - oh for those days! Cheers

M. Estes Zywar said...

Hello Doreen,
I came across your lovely blog during the OWOH event!
Beautiful needle work!!!
When I was in 7th grade we did some needle work and I think we called it-Swedish stitching..?
Have you ever heard of it?