Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hot Needles Cool Stitches

I have started on Dales second workshop for the embellisher and here is one of my first samples.
Dale has taught us a new and simple way to make our pre-felts which speeds up the process of getting started.
This sample has two separate layers of wool with some lime green scrim sandwiched in between them.
I stitched on the embellisher in a circular motion and finished up with hand stitching around the circles.
I have more prefelts made but I am finding the hot sticky weather a bit unbearable and stitching is not an option at present.
Too many Nanny naps happening I am sorry to say.

When it cools down tonight I will have another go at it.


Jenxo said...

looking good Doreen, could do with a nana nap myself...

Heather said...

I love what you have done here Doreen - the colours are gorgeous. Hope it cools down a bit for you. We are just the opposite again.

Janet said...

I always love seeing what you're working on. And I completely understand about not wanting to do much when it's hot. Nanny naps to the rescue!