Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disaster in Queensland

As you are all aware here in Australia we are having terrible floods in Queensland that are tearing the hearts out of many of our fellow Australians.
I have never seen TV coverage of floods that tore through a town with such magnitude and they are likening it to an inland sunami.
I pray that the rains will stop soon and allow these people to rebuild their lives if that is possible.
I have noticed on several blogs today where there has been appeals set up in Australia by bloggers to help in a small way.
One of them is the Gumtree-designers who have an appeal running and if you go to the link you can see what they are hoping to collect. http://www.gumtree-designers.com/2011/01/we-need-your-help.html
The second one was brought to my attention by Mary-Ann in Canada who pointed me to Kaite's blog.
Kaite has a tutorial on how to make the 10 and 1/2 inch blocks.
Kaite is not the person running this appeal but she will guide you as to where to send the blocks when you have finished them.
I do know how important these appeals are to the victims of these terrible Natural disasters because when we had the horrific bushfires in the ACT back in 2003-myself and hundreds of others were involved in making quilts for the families who lost their homes-and there were 500 of them.
I hate to think of how many homes have been destroyed but the TV coverage showed houses rushing down
in this massive torrent of water.
Please help if you can.


Doris said...

i see in TV the terrible flow, and the great damage material and personal...i hope the rain stop soon,so the people could rebuild...

Ro Bruhn said...

It's been a disaster for the Queenslanders, usually Australia is suffering droughts and the inevitable fires at this time of year. We have to hope they find the unaccounted for people safe and well.

Dotti said...

Your flood has been in our headlines here in the States since it all started happening. It's hard for us to wrap our brains around just how vast this disaster is...but finally some newscasters have described the size by how many of our states (if they were bundled together) the flood would cover. Texas is one of those states. That's when we fully realized the scope of this horrible disaster. Many in our parish (Catholic) have donated because we are certain that 100% will go towards helping the victims. We all pray for your people and country! I think you can be certain this is happening all over the globe!

Heather said...

I can't think which is worse - fire or water. You can hopefully put fires out, but you can't stop water. My thoughts are with all those suffering right now.

Jenxo said...

ive been really horrified and saddened buy it all ,people are wonderful by the way they all pull together....

Janet said...

It's such a horrible disaster for your country. Thank you for the links to ways we can all help. My thoughts are with all the people who have lost their homes and also with the families who have lost loved ones.

kaite said...

thanks for the heads-up Doreen, i've had a few visitors from you recently. I'm in constant contact with JanMac who is co-ordinating this appeal and can answer many questions if anyone needs more info.
I've also made a button which links to Jan's ozcomfortquilts which i'm encouraging others to copy off and use on their own blogs to spread the word.

Every block counts and so now i'm back to the sewing machine.
cheers, kaite

kaite said...

good for you, your button works to open the door to ozcomfortquilts, yay! many thanks again, k.

Gina E. said...

Oh Doreen, it has been so awful, hasn't it...I am very happy (but not surprised) to see so many generous bloggers donating their own work for auctions, as well as other ways of raising funds for the flood victims. Now we have our own problems here in Victoria, but I am sure there will be just as many bloggers helping to raise funds here too.