Friday, December 10, 2010

Water Water Everywhere

As the saying goes.
This time last year we were in drought situations---our dams where we get our water supply from were only around 38% full.
Now we have so much water and the dams are full and overflowing.
We have had so much rain lately-not only in Canberra but all down the east coast of Australia and there is so much flooding going on that it is a real disaster in some areas.
Last year I showed you photos of my back yard where there was no grass just dried stubble and dirt.
This year it is all green-not grass but a lot of weeds and water.
The area in the first photo used to be lawn but it was killed of several years ago due to the lack of water.
Now it is like a bog.
Thank goodness we don't have to go around there for anything at present.

Here is another part--on the left of the concrete strip used to be lawn--now lush green weeds and water.

Near the back door.

And now it is bucketing down again----
Enough is enough already---Quack Quack.


maggi said...

Everything about the weather seems to be just so extreme at the moment, drought, rain, snow. Hope that you don't actually get flooded.

Heather said...

The whole planet seems to be out of sorts at present. Last winter seemed to be a hard one for us, but this year has already been much colder. Hope you get drier conditions soon and can start to enjoy your garden again.

Maureen said...

You've got rain - we've got snow, very unusual for our part of england but there it is - everywhere has strange weather these days. Looks like you had a good holiday, you'll be hooked on cruising now!! we are off again in january for our Ruby Wedding.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It seems to be either feast or famine with the weather anymore. Seems like the whole world is off kilter.

Janet said...

The same thing happens here. Either we have no rain or we have too much rain.

Today we had unseasonably warm weather. We had the doors and windows open!

Monica said...

Hi Doreen, we got a bit more water than you did. It raced down the hill across the road from us and turned right at the bottom towards the stormwater drain but there was too much for the drain. A lot went straight down our driveway and into our garage.

You can see some pictures on my blog at

Jenxo said...

lots of flooding here too, thanks goodnes we had two days of sunshine. Our lawns are so long and mushy but its too wet to mow and then always raining on weekends.

Its going to need to be a bit wet for summer tho, it will be massive bushfire risk with all the long grass.....

Lottie said...

I am sure the sun will be out soon and all this will be just a memory hopefully.

We have been covered in snow - just thawed and now more artic weather on it's way.

A white Christmas.

I have really enjoyed reading your blog - will be back again soon