Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Friends and Waterheads

One of the hilites of our trip to New Zealand was meeting a fellow blogger in Auckland.
Shane and I met through doing a workshop together with Carol from Madness and Mess a few months ago and we arranged to meet up when we were in Auckland.
Shane and her husband picked us up at the wharf and spent 5 hours showing us around their lovely city.
We had the best time (us girls and the boys) and you would have thought that we had been friends forever.
Isn't it wonderful when this happens>
Thank you Shane and R for your generosity-you sure laid a great foundation for the rest of our trip.

The rest of these photos are what we call our waterheads.
Because there are so many fountains around NZ we decided to take photos of each other in front of them with the water shooting out of our heads.
You may have to click on the photos to see them properly.
This is me in the gardens in Dunedin.

Here is Stephen in the Lady Norwood Gardens in Wellington.

We didn't see a fountain in Christchurch-mainly because we were on atime limit so Here I am beside the Avon River--can you see the ducks?

Here is Stephen when we were sailing through the Fiordlands but this time the water is pouring into his head.

Finally this is not water it is steam--we were at Rotorua and this is a geyser erupting.
It looks like my head is exploding.

Who said oldies can't have fun.


Robin Mac said...

Wow, you cetainly covred a lot of territory while you were there - did you take the sunshine round with you? The photos look like you must have. Everywhere overthere is just sooooo beautiful.

maggi said...

It really is lovely to meet bloggers in real life, glad you had a fun time. Love the waterheads, especially Dunedin.

Heather said...

Love the waterheads pics Doreen and what a treat that you, Steven, Shane and her husband got on so well together. That will be a holiday to remember and hard to beat.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Still chuckling. Great pixs! You did have perfect weather by the looks of them.

Ati. said...

To me it seems wonderful to meet a blogfriend! Have a face to remember when she leaves a comment.
I enlarged the photo and I see your and Shane's lovely faces together. What a treat!
My sister has been in NZ and she also said it is a beautiful country.

sheilasanderson said...

Lucky you having a holiday in NZ, hope to vistit there next year for 3 wks, it is a tour of both N & S islands but does not go as far down as Dunedin, said to be the Edinburgh of the south, had a penpal their many years ago..hope to see more of your photos

shirley said...

Hi Doreen, came to the computer to have a break from packing...and found your are a real wag. Love the waterhead photos they made me laugh.

I know how you feel about thinking you and Shane have been friends forever because I had that same experience with Barb and her sister when they visited me. We are still friends and email and phone as often as we can. But I feel that about so many of my cyber friends, you included.

Isn't the internet wonderful. Glad you had such a lovely holiday.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

New Zealand is a place that I would love to visit. Lovely to see it through your eyes (heads?). Lovely to 'meet' Shane too!!

Janet said...

Love the waterhead photos! Personally I think I get sillier as I get older. Maybe it's because I quit taking things so seriously. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Jenxo said...

what vfun to meet a fellow blogger.... looks like a fun trip...

Anneliese - Ali said...

Hi Doreen, I am following you through your days. It is fun.
How terribly fast holidays are over!

carole brungar said...

Lovely photo of you and Shane! And oh my I did laugh when I saw all your water heads!! Do you hot under the collar?? lol

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Lovely photo of you Doreen - I wondered who the old lady beside you was!!!!!

We had a great time and I only wish it had been longer.
So glad to hear the rest of your trip went well too!

Shane x