Thursday, December 16, 2010

Catching up with TAST 2

While we were away having fun I got behind with my TAST2 stitches and since we have been back I have been busy attending Christmas lunches and weeding the garden :-))
The first stitch here is for Week 39 and is Buttonhole Picots with Bullion Knots.
It is supposed to be worked on the edge of the fabric which would allow the picots to be more pronounced but I have put it in the centre to keep it consistent with the other samples.

Week 40 is a variation of Buttonhole Picots but this time using Chain Stitch to make the picots.
I like the way in this sample better than the other one.

Week 41 is Magic Chain Stitch using two different coloured threads in the needle at the same time and then alternately changing them to work the stitch--very effective.

Lastly week 42-this weeks stitch is Woven Cross Stitch.
I like this stitch and I can think of many uses for it as long as I remember to use it that is.

There are only two week left in the TAST challenge and then these samples will be stitched into a hand made book- when I get around to making the book that is.
Again I have really enjoyed participating in this challenge-I have learned a lot of new stitches which is always exciting.
I am glad that Sharon is a mad keen reseacher of stitches because if it were up to me I would never have found them.
Thanks Sharon


maggi said...

You have done so well in keeping up with this. I'm almost glad that it's snowing again here when I think of all the weeding that needs to be done.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

A great idea that the stitchesd will be contained in a book Doreen.
It will make a precious heirloom to hand down to your family - a record of their mother/grandmothers love of stitching.

Heather said...

What super stitches Doreen. I have tried Magic Chain stitch myself but the others are new to me. I specially like the Buttonhole stitch with picots. It would make a love border/edging to a fabric page. I must try and remember it. Your book will be a great reminder of all the stitches you have learned.

linda said...

Lovely stitches Doreen, You'll have a great resource when they're all together in the book.
Merry Christmas to you too!

Vivian said...

good for you!
I did TAST I ... the second challenge didn't happen ... and I shall finish TAST II in the next couple of weeks.