Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holey Moley Layers

Finally I have gotten around to doing some more of the Holey Moley workshops.
I had fallen behind on a couple of them late last year but I am making sure that I keep up this year.
Lesson 4 is all about layers and even though I have done some of these techniques before it is nice to do them again just to refresh myself on them.
In this one I chopped up pieces of fabrics onto a base fabric--I used silks-synthetics and metallics
in a colour wave of yellow greens and purples which reminds me of summer berries.
Then I covered it with a black synthetic sheer.

Next I machine stitched a grid over it and then attacked it with a soldering iron to distress some of the squares.

And finally I added some Goldfinger metallic rub to add some hilites.

I rather like the way this turned out and it reminded me that I should do more of these backgrounds to have on hand to make ATC's and Postcards for future swaps.


Aussie Jo said...

Lovely colours Doreen

Ati. said...

This looks very interesting Doreen and I guess you can use this background for many things.

Maureen said...

Looks good Doreen and the final mix of colour is lovely.

Dotti said...

oooooooh...I really like this! Is that goldfinger rub a paste or a powder?

Heather said...

Gorgeous Doreen - I love the colours you have used. It would make a great book cover or a lovely little bag.

maggi said...

Lovely Doreen. This is the only thing I have done from Holey Moley so far and is now waiting for some embellishment. I love the serendipity of this technique.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great technique...looks like it would be fun to try. I wonder how little snippets of thread would work in with it?

Janet said...

Oh, that is beautiful! I like it at every stage of the process. It will be great used in ATCs or postcards. It looks very elegant.

dosfishes said...

This is really beautiful. I came to see your erosion bundle and I laughed when I read about the ants, they might make things very interesting
when you finally dig it up.

Can't wait to see what they all turn out like.

Jenxo said...

oh gorgeous, what is goldfinger? I love these and it is so handy to cut up for atc's...jenxo