Saturday, January 30, 2010

ATC Birthday Swap

This year I have joined Kates ATC birthday swap which will keep me quite busy.
There are 34 people in the group and the idea is that each month you send an ATC to each person who is having a birthday in that month.
Some months there might be only one person and other months there will be a lot more.
When your birthday comes around you will receive ATC's from each person in the group so I will have to wait until September to receive my lot--all 33 of them.
Now that will get the postal chaps wondering when my turn comes around and all this mail has to get poked into my postal box.
This month there was only one birthday girl -Sheila in the UK and I think she has received nearly all of hers by now.
This is the card that I sent her which was from a piece that I did several years ago which I chopped up to make ATC's with.

In February we have 5 birthday girls and I have already sent two of them off but forgot to take a photo of them.
The three below were sent off yesterday and I did remember to take a scan of them this time.
I am using leftover pieces of work that I have previously done as the backgrounds and then embellishing them.
Two of them have gone to people in Australia and one each to the UK-USA- and the Netherlands.

I think this year will be very interesting.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Another great idea Doreen! Who doesn't like getting fun mail and getting 33 little pieces of art for your birthday is going to be SO much fun.

Jenxo said...

what a lovely idea Doreen, should keep the posties in work!jenxo

Aussie Jo said...

That will keep you busy all year, great idea.

Monica said...

I like your idea of recycling previous work for the ATCs - and you'll have something really interesting to look forward to in September.

Heather said...

That will keep you out of mischief Doreen! I love all your ATCs but the top one is my all time favourite - it's beautiful.

sheilasanderson said...

Sheila was delighted with the card, 3 still to arrive and it was great to have them popping through the letter box

Janet said...

I like that idea of a birthday swap. Your ATCs are all fantastic and I like how you're recycling some of your backgrounds.

Jan said...

Have just spent a lovely few minutes catching up with your blog (sorry I havent visited for a while) This is a great idea... how wonderful to have all those little works of art plopping through your door at once. Also it made me laugh that you actually photographed the RAIN lol!!! It's the other way around here. We photograph the sun when it occasionally comes out!
Made me laugh too at your comment on Maureen's blog about your birthday card to your husband each year and the fact that he probably hasn't noticed that it is the same one. That is so funny! Hope you and Ebony are well x

Cobi said...

I love your ATCs Doreen. I've finished 3 of them for February. 2 more to go, plus one for the monthly swap on stitchin fingers and a private swap. I really enjoy making and receiving these little beauties. my bd will be in August, so I'll get them one month earlier than you. and yes, it did strike me, you sent me a butterfly, but butterflies are often the topic of a Haiku. its a gorgeous page.

maggi said...

Love the ATCs. An excellent idea, something to really look forward to.

Margaret Hall said...

CONGRATZ on the rain, Doreen, I am sure it was welcomed! Thanks for the pics!
The ATCs STILL interest me..I need to buckle down and DO one....I will go out online and research them again, and get going on one! Help!
Love your ATCs..and how special that you will be receiving some in September!! What fun!
Seems you are doing well on sending out your part of the swap~~