Thursday, January 7, 2010

Erosion Bundle Project

Earlier this week I saw on Carolyn Saxby's blog LOVE STITCHING RED that she was participating in the Erosion Bundle Project and I thought that this looked interesting so I have decided to have a go.
The idea for this year came from here and if you follow the link you will understand the rules.
First I had to place a mixture of items into a bundle and wrap them in fabric--I have placed a range of different papers, some rusty bottle tops, a piece of gum leaf, some bark and different types of fabrics in each bundle.
I made up 4 bundles.

These were each rolled up and tied with a strip of fabric.

Then three of them were hung outside in the trees and the fourth one was partially buried.

An Australian native tree

This tree will soon lose its leaves

This is an ornamental Grape tree and will also loose its leaves

The photos of the bundles in the trees were taken at dusk because the weather forcast was for rain and I decided to hang them out to help them on the way.
Yeah that was the idea anyway--ten drops of rain later and they are still dry and that was on the third of January.
You can tell by the dirt around the bundle below just how dry the earth is.

Oh well it is all now up to Mother Nature now.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I want to try this out too Doreen and have saved the link ever since I heard about it, but I haven't had a chance to gather up any goodies yet OR figure out how I'm going to explain to DH why on earth I'm hanging things in the tree!!

Monica said...

It will be interesting to see what the contents look like when you open them. My trees aren't big enough to hang bundles from.

Val said...

I thought I might have a go at this too - will follow the link and see where I find myself! Thanks.

Kris Henderson said...

Great Bundles! It will be really interesting to see the difference between the buried and hung :)

Heather said...

That sounds interesting Doreen - I might have a go. I've put out two or three more old phone book sections in our garden. They are buried under snow at present and have had deluges of rain on them. I might make a better job of using them having done Maggie Grey's Catalogue Killer challenge last year, now that I know what is required. The flowers on the ornamental Grape tree are gorgeous.

Janet said...

I knew a couple of people who did this last year and it was interesting. I might have to try this and see what happens here in the high desert. We're fairly dry but not like where you are.


Great bundles Doreen ... it's exciting isn't it! My bundles have been snowed on are currently frozen through!

Have a lovely weekend
Carolyn ♥

Dot said...

Ooh....I do like your bundles Doreen. Will be very interesting to see what the weather does to them.

Jasmine said...

Oh, did I spy sheet music? I love art that incorporates music sheets, and yours will be so much better!

Margaret Hall said...

Hi, Doreen....Oh, I know I have been absent from your blog, and I wanted to catch up on your happenings...I did a bundle and wanted you to come over and take a peek..just for fun!!....Hugs, Margaret....