Saturday, August 29, 2009

August Calendar Girls Postcard

This months calendar page really had me stumped--maybe it was because I was not feeling well but I just couldn't get my head around it at all.
I kept staring at the blank piece of fabric and also a piece of white cardstock wondering what I would do.
At one stage I had thought that I would just send Carol M (my swap partner for this month) a piece of white cardstock and tell her to put something on it for herself.
Finally I decided to just concentrate on the hearts and go for it.
The background piece of fabric is a baby wipe that I had used to clean my stamps with.
I placed it onto a piece of commercial felt and ran it through the embellisher and then I cut out heart shapes and placed them on top of and underneath the base and embellished the lot together.
I then added 3 purchased hearts to give it more texture.

Here is the page that Val chose for August---I kept looking at the people trying to get inspiration but finally I followed the hearts and went for it.

If you would like to see what the other members of the group have done go here to have a look.


Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Ahhhh Doreen, these are lovely. I hope to get into gear and start some of these for me...They are just precious..good for you both~!!
Respectfully, Margaret...

Heather said...

Love your hearts page Doreen, and the colours are so pretty. It must be very difficult sometimes having to work 'to order' but you always come up with the goods.

linda stokes said...

Lovely Doreen - glad you went beyond the white card!
I have some coloured wipes - must try embellishing them.

Val said...

I think it's just lovely - and the colours you chose work perfectly with the original inspiration.

Robin Mac said...

Well doreen, for someone who did not see past the white page you certainly came up with the goods - the hearts are lovely. Cheers, Robin

Janet said...

The hearts are beautiful.

PS - I hope you're feeling better.

Julie H said...

We are our own worst critics - your workis beautiful as always. The picture of Ebony with her two Pop's choked me up, beautiful.