Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ebony's Trades

I am a bit late in posting these on my blog but here goes anyway.
The first ATC was from Val who enclosed this one for Ebony in the parcel that she sent to me.
It is beautiful Val and Ebony loves it.

The next one is from Claudia who is about the same age as Ebony and she does beautiful stitching--just look at the blanked stitch edge on this.
Ebony thinks that Claudia is very clever and so do I.

This is the one that Ebony sent to Claudia--no stitching on this as she is a bit off stitching at present--more into paper art stuff.
The background is a piece of scrapbook paper and she has embellished it using some of the lovely pieces that people keep sending her.

She is one happy girl


Janet said...

She's also a lucky girl to have such a wonderful grandmother! All the ATCs are just beautiful! It's so nice seeing young girls being creative.

Heather said...

Beautiful ATCs, and Ebony and Claudia are both talented young ladies. It must be lovely for you to share your interests with Ebony.

maggi said...

What lovely ATCs. It is so good to see the wonderful work that the youngsters are doing.

Anneke said...

beautiful atc,s doreen
congratulations with your
47 anniversary

Doris said...

lovely and beautiful ATC's.

kiwicarole said...

Gosh some lovely atc's Doreen!
Didn't we do well with our ribbon swap too! I am working on your swap now!
Carole ;)