Thursday, November 6, 2008

What I did today

Today was Paper Arts group at the Embroiderers Guild and what a great time we had.
We do all sorts of things in this group--we make cards and do mixed media stuff and learn all the new techniques that our member learn and pass on to us.
Today we were working with Paper Serviettes.
When I first discovered these beautiful serviettes I really didn't know just how wonderful they were.
Gone are the days of plain old white serviettes--they are for wiping your face when you get food all over your chin.
Now you can get them with the most wonderful designs on them which are just the thing for mixed media art.
The picture here is just one corner of a serviette and it was applied to a sheet of canvas --I should have done it on a box canvas but I forgot to take one with me but this worked ok anyway.
There are several layers of gel medium applied to the canvas and then the serviette was added and more gel medium.
Then texture paste was added around the edge--then some Tim Holtz crackle medium in 2 different colours and lastly a flourish stamp to finish it off.And this is the finished product.

All in all I am very pleased with what I achieved today.


Purple Missus said...

I really like the finish on this - so hard to believe it started out as a serviette.:)

Carol said...

This is gorgeous, love what you did with it,
I never see napkins that good LOL

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You have a right to be pleased with this because it's absolutely beautiful! Who knew plain ol' serviettes would evolve into such lovely art. Love it!

Aussie Jo said...

Great result, I love the aged effect

sharon young said...

What a lovely finished piece, Doreen, it's got a beautiful romantic feel.

Christine said...

So are your saying Doreen that with Gel medium you can transfer these to a firm fabric? I think I've seen this somewhere done with photocopies too? The possibilities are endless if that's true. I'd better get some of that Gel, I have ATCs to do, and the laser prints on silk fabric get quite expensive.
Thanks and Hooroo,

Sandy said...

What fun! It turned out beautifully.

Janet said...

Here we call them napkins and I have a whole box of them! I can't seem to resist when I see them in the store. I love what you did with this one.

Debbi Baker said...

Gorgeous result Doreen. The flourish and texture really adds to the whole composition!