Thursday, November 27, 2008

Do what I say Not what I do

Well like the heading says--"Do what I say not what I do"--------------
Whenever I give lessons to people on their machines be it a sewing machine or an overlocker the first thing I make them do is clean it.
Cleaning is one of the most important things you must remember --but do I always follow my own advice?
Obviously not.
I was making some Christmas ATC's and postcards for some swaps that I am involved in and wondered why things weren't going along so well.
I decided to pull the machine apart and look what I found underneath the feed dogs.
Yikes it's enough to make your hair stand up on end.
I have placed a Bernina bobbin next to "it" so you can actually see the size of "it"

I guess that just goes to show you that cleaning is necessary.
It reminds me of when I worked for Bernina and a lady came into the shop with her machine and wanted to know when she should replace the felt pad in the bobbin case.
The boss told her that there was no felt pad in the bobbin case.
To which she replied "Well what's this then" :-)
You've guessed it --there was a lump of fluff in the bobbin case and she told us she had been oiling it every week.
We couldn't stop laughing for weeks.


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Good advice. I clean my bobbin case area every time I refill the bobbin or change one. Make it a habit.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hah! You've discovered the best kept secret of the universe!! NOW we know where dust bunnies lay their eggs!!!!!

Paula Hewitt said...

Well I know that wasnt me, cause i forget to oil it too. when i took my machnine for a service I had a Very Stern Talking To by the service man when he asked when the last time I cleaned the machine and I mentioned dusting it....but didnt realise you had to clean inside it. oops - this is why im glad i dont have one of those fancy $1000-10000 jobs

Christine said...

Doreen, when I did a machinist training course at College we were shown how to clean the industrial machine bobbin race. That involved unscrewing parts and pulling things out and was quite complicated compared to domestics. I still clean my industrial regularly, but guess what? The poor domestic gets a lick and a promise, and I think I could beat that pile of fluff after sewing fur fabric recently.

It reminds me of the poor ladies who post on forums asking for advice about machines that skip stitches, but haven't changed their needle in years !!


Genie said...

i had run out of oil, and hadn't cleaned machine before going to a workshop and guess what the machine did not want to play lol
It has had a good clean thru now.

Linda B said...

I'm a sewing novice and found out through my habit of exploration that dust bunny eggs don't belong lol

Dot said...

He hee....the photo in this post made me laugh Doreen. I am sure you could use the ' fluff' in a piece of textile art..