Friday, October 17, 2008

What was I doing at 3am this morning?

Well at one stage I was sleeping---I went to bed early because Ebony had fallen asleep earlier than usual and I knew that she would wake me up to get in her bed with her(this always happens if she goes to bed early)
When I went to bed this was how she was sleeping - across the bed directly below the pillows---don't you just love the double bed that we got her for her birthday.
Anyway she woke me up at 3am--she was hungry because she hadn't eaten much of her tea(dinner) - she felt sick at that stage.
So by now she wanted the rest of her meal and like any good Nanna I obliged.
We were both wide awake by this stage ------------------

So she taught me how to make one of these----------------

A friendship bracelet --I have never made one before but I persevered on and finished it(this is not the one I made at the time--I did this to show you how clever I am :)
Ebony is wearing the one I made her and here is the one she made me...........

She has informed me I am not to take it off - only if it breaks.
Can you imagine the look that I will get when I go to Church on Sunday --with my hands cupped in front of me ready to take communion :))


linda stokes said...

I remember my girls making these many years ago, I still have some somewhere & I was up at 3am too -it's a long story!

Paula Hewitt said...

my mum wore a macaroni necklace to mass once just because Jimmy made it for her (i dont recall her doing it for us though!) - i like Ebonys quilt - i recognise those blocks

Maureen said...

The things we crafters do in the early hours! anyway another talent learned!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

The looks you get will be almost entirely from envious people wishing they had a marvelous granddaughter to make them pretty bracelets. This is from one who would be looking at you exactly that way (being lacking in the grandkids dept at yet).

Dot said...

I love the relationship you have with Ebony. She obviously loves you very much.

Smiled at the pic of her spread out over her new double bed!

freebird said...

I've worn necklaces made by my granddaughters of mixed acrylic pony beads and other assorted childrens beads. Would you believe no one ever says a word? Maybe they are too much in shock!