Friday, October 10, 2008

Do you need a good laugh?

I was reading Dot's blog last night and saw where she had visited this link and found that she could create an album of herself in wigs from years gone by.
I decided to try it out and here are the results.
The first photo was taken when Dot came to visit me when we went to Melbourne earlier this year.

This is the same photo in a blonde wig from 1996----I wish my neck was really that long and then I could wear dangly ear rings.

and in 1990

and 1972-------

If only I really did have that much hair.
Go and have a look and give it a try it's well worth it just for the laugh.


Joanna van said...

Love the 90's one! Very funny.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Too cute for words! I do hope you showed these to your hubby.

Aussie Jo said...

Love the Farrah Fawcett look, very you!!!!

Purple Missus said...

I love the 1990's one. *LOL*
Did we really wear our hair like that?
I thought perhaps this might be the place to go next time I fancy a new hairstyle - but then again, maybe not. :)
P.S. You look like John Lennon in the bottom one.

Dot said...

He hee.....I love your pics Doreen! Love the one of you in the 1990's - so much hair :)