Thursday, October 9, 2008

More ATC's and Postcards

We have received some more Postcards and ATC's this week.
The first ones are from Carol M. and the top one is my September Postcard for the Calendar Girl swap.
The colours are just magic to see in the flesh.
It is hard to take a decent photo because of the glossy nature of the card.

Carol also sent a postcard for Ebony--Ebony thinks hers is much nicer than mine.

We also did another trade with Anne from France.The first one is mine--I thought it was 2 pumpkins --one with a cats face on it-until Ebony politely informed me one was a cat's face and the other was a cat's bum---duh.

This one is Ebony's--we had to explain that the spelling of cat was correct in French.

These are the two cards that we sent to Anne--mine is the top one ------------

And this is Ebony'

Thanks Anne and Carol for including Ebony.

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Paula Hewitt said...

its good to catch up - cute ATCS - i like the one with Ken Smith samples. The pumpkin cats are cute, expecially the back view. did you think the dot was a pimple of a pumpkin? well done with your exhibition and sales. - i like a mix of contemporary and traditional embroidery at those events - something for everyone that way!