Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recent Mail in and out.

Recently I did a swap with Maureen x and I have already shown the ATC's that she sent me and I can now show you the ones that I sent her because I know that she has received them .
The one on the left has a base of silk paper with FME stitching on it and the one on the right is wet felted with both FME and hand stitching.
Both of these ATC's were made from pieces that I had done before that were hidden away in boxes so I decided to recycle them as ATC's.

The lovely pink CQ heart was also sent to me by Maureen as a swap---------------------

And I sent her in return this tassel----------------

I also received from Domi this collaged ATC---------------

And this is the one I sent her in return.
The base of this card is a baby wipe that I was using to clean my stamps with.
I loved the colours so I decided to keep it.
When I got my embellisher I decided to lay it on some commercial felt and run it through the machine and it looked good.
I have done some hand stitching on it which is a bit difficult to see in this photo.

Thank you Maureen and Domi


sharon young said...

Wow!! what wonderful eye candy, Doreen. I love the tassel , if you ever fancy a PC swap for one of these, I'd love to :-)
Domi's ATC is just gorgeous and I love her use of the machine pattern.
What a great idea to recycle pieces for ATC's and PC's, yours are really lovely. I'll have to rummage through my stash.

Maureen said...

However the atcs started they certainly finished well - still propped in front of me as I write, also love the baby wipe card - colours are so delicate.

Debbi Baker said...

Beautiful art made & received Doreen! Love the softness of your embellished baby wipe ATC.

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos of your ATC's! All done beautifully... I never tire of seeing them!

Susan said...

Hi Doreen!
Your recently finished April challenge piece is fabulous. All the hard work has certainly paid off. I especially like the fact that you are using "recycled", second-hand or fabric from your stash. As you know, I adore the way you include Ebony...encouraging her without gently, never interfering, teaching without's beautiful, heart warming. I can't wait to see the results of such a positive experience.
All the best,