Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More ATC's and a book

More ATC's --this time from Anne L who lives in France but doesn't have a blog.
I love swapping with Anne who does the most amazing cross stitch designs.
The tree and butterfly card is supposed to be for me and the other one was for Ebony but I have decided to swap with her because I actually like the sampler one--although I haven't asked Ebony yet.
Thank you Anne as usual they are beautiful.

Also I have received an early Mother's Day gift from my daughter Susan who purchased this book for me via the Internet from a second hand dealer in the UK.
I have wanted this book for ages since seeing about it on Sharon B's blog last year when I was doing the TAST challenge.
It has every hand embroidery stitch imaginable in detail so there will be no stopping me now.
Thank you Susan I love it.


sharon young said...

Hi Doreeen
These are wonderful ATC's and I can quite see why you like the sampler, being such a mistress of hand stitch, and I'm sure Ebony will love the other one.

Paula Hewitt said...

Lucky you - on both counts! I think Ebony would be happy to swap - that little tree is very cute!
The Batsford books are great- i have a couple of secondhand ones (but not that one) - they are timeless

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wonder how I missed reading about that book. It looks fabulous and I suppose now I have to put it on my wish list too (as if I need another book on embroidery).
Cool atc's! I'd be hard-pressed to have to choose which I like better.

Purple Missus said...

What a lovely daughter you have :)
Have you got the Mary Thomas book of stitches?

Janet said...

Anne does beautiful stitching. I'm sure Ebony will be happy with the's happy and spring-timey.

That book is a treasure! Impossible to find so you're a lucky lady and Susan is a very generous daughter.

Dot said...

Anee does gorgeous stitching. I feel blessed to have 2 of her ATC's too.

The book sounds perfect for you - a great gift from Susan!