Thursday, December 13, 2012

Napier --New Zealand

When we were on our cruise we stopped off at Napier which was destroyed in 1931 by a massive earthquake that leveled the city to the ground killing 162 people.
The city was rebuilt in 2 years and was built in the Art Deco style.
It is a beautiful city and the surrounding suburban areas are lovely and very clean.
If you want to read more about follow this link.
We went on a bus tour around the city and we had a very informative tour guide from the Art Deco Trust who really knew her job.
 On the way around the city I took some photos of some of the buildings-not because they were of any great interest-but mainly because I have a feature on my camera that will take the photo in what looks like a pencil drawing.



We also went to the old Napier Jail which was interesting to say the least--and again the tour guide knew her stuff.
Here is Stephen posing at several points around the jail.
Why they would need a detox centre is a bit amusing.

He has been going to the gym for the last 3 months but he doesn't do this sort of stuff there.

When we went to dinner that night we went to the Steakhouse.
Here is our lovely waiter posing with the pepper shaker over Stephens soup which was served in a Bread bowl that had a lid made from bread on it.

 And me ----I had finished my entree when Stephen took my photo


Heather said...

You have such a lovely smile Doreen. That's a great way to serve soup but you'd have to eat it fairly quickly or end up with a soggy bowl! Love the photos and I'd also love that drawing facility on my camera. I could cheat and fool my tutor that I had done all the drawing!!

Janet said...

What a lovely city, and I love that feature on your camera!

That bread bowl looks great! And you both look happy and relaxed. I always like seeing your smiling face.

Robin Mac said...

What a great feature to have on your camera. You both obviously enjoyed yourselves very much. Cheers.

Sue Chesley said...

What a great blog,Doreen...and your cruise looks like you had a great time. I especially enjoyed your little story about 'God talking' If you ever decide to cruise to Washington, let me know - I'd love to meet you. I'm really curious about your camera that has the drawing feature. Do you mind if I ask what you have? I use a Canon Rebel, but I don't think it does that - how cool!
God bless!