Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our little girl is growing up--------

-------too fast.
Ebony was here last night and I took a photo of her as she was leaving to go back home.
I am amazed each week when I see her how much she has grown in the last week--and she loves all the nice clothes and fashionable stuff.
Thank goodness her Aunty Susan goes shopping with her because I would still have her in frilly pink dresses and white socks.


Heather said...

She's a gorgeous young lady, isn't she?

Janet said...

Ebony is so pretty. And so grown up! Where did that little girl go...the one who used to do art with you!!

Christine said...

Doreen, she looks like a nice style of young lady though, no micro short shorts and bra tops for her ! You and Steven should be very proud of your influence on her over the years.
Cheers for sunny Sydney
Christine XXX

Jacquelines blog said...

She is so gorgeous Doreen, and really growing fast!

katelnorth said...

Oh my gosh, she's so grown up! And lovely.