Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Visitor and more Exhibition photo's

This week I had a visit from Robin M from Queensland with her husband and sister---it is always nice to meet up with blog friends and especially ones who have become very good friends.
Robin and I have met on 3 other occasions because her son and his wife live in Canberra so we get together whenever they come down to visit him.
Below I have some more photos from the exhibition mainly from the challenge.
One of my Guild friends Evelyn noticed on my blog that I didn't have anymore so she e-mailed me to say she had some and sent them to me.
These are the ones that I chose--the first one is Evelyn's who dressed a Barbie doll in the blue-white and gold colours--now there is an outfit that Barbie never had before.


Next is a selection where you can again see Barbie plus a cake which had the threads stitched in writing on the top and also twined around the bottom.

This is the other end of the table and there is another cake and a doll plus several Cross Stitch pictures.

I thought this one was clever because it is a replica of our ACT flag with the number 50 on either side of the sheild.
On the official flag there is a black swan on the left side and a white swan on the right side which has been replaced here by the 50.
The shield normally has crossed swords at the top-a medieval castle in the centre and a rose at the bottom.
The person who did this has used the stork scissors in place of the crossed swords-and 3 white thimbles represent the Medieval castle and the rose has been embroidered at the bottom.
The blue section on the left has the Southern Cross embroidered in white.
Very clever indeed.


This one is a bouquet of flowers which are heads of wheat and Bluebells.
The scissors are used here to depict cutting the ribbon which is forming the bow around the flowers.

This one created a great deal of interest.
I am not sure if you will be able to read what is embroidered on it as I said before sometimes you can enlarge them and  sometimes you can't.
Along the top it says "My 50 years of stitching"---and on the hands it says "with these hands".
Down the bottom left hand side it says "Mondays-create-chat and cuppa" which means that we meet on Mondays to create ou embroideries and we chat and have a cuppa.
On the bottom right side is a birthday cake and in the centre at the bottom it says "ACT Embroiderers Guild 1962-2012"
Above the fingers on the right hand are embroidered the numbers 60's-70's-80's-90's-2000.
There are lots of charms and flowers and the scissors are there as well.
I do not know how long this took to finish but I imagine it was a lot of hours.

Here is another section containing small art quilts all using different techniques.

And I had to show you these dolls-these were in the general exhibition.
It was titled "Teddy Bears Picnic"
Now I can hear all you dyed in the wool guild members all around the world saying "but they aren't embroidered".
True--- but if you look at what they are standing on---an embroidered blanket/rug.
These dolls are no more than 15cm tall-their clothes are all hand crochet including nickers and each has a bag and a hand made teddy bear.
How could they not be included-they are perfect.

I hope that you have enjoyed these photo's and I hope you are impressed with the talents of our members.


Lululiz said...

There are some fabulous interpretations of the challenge, I especially like the bouquet of flowers and wheat ears. And the teddy bears' picnic is amazing, the tiny bears are so beautifully done.

DIAN said...

What fabulous work - thanks so much for sharing all of these pics and the descriptions.

How lovely to see Robyn. Our stitching/blogging friends are very special.

Heather said...

A stunning display of work from all your members Doreen, and a lovely photo of you and Robyn. It must be great to meet bloggy friends.

Janet said...

Isn't it fun to see how everyone interprets a challenge. I like the hands and the bouquet of flowers. And the Teddy Bear picnic is too cute!

Aussie Jo said...

Congratulations to your guild on a great exhibition. It is fantastic to see so many different interpretations of the challenge.

grace matthew said...

I really enjoyed looking at those photos. Especially the cake part. Awesome exhibition.

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lizzie said...

Hi Doreen, I'm now back in the blogging world having been absent for a long time - as perhaps you've noticed. Take a look if you have a moment.
I'm booked for sure for Grampians Textures FEb. 23-28 '13 then potentially Sydney EG and 'Timeless Textiles' Newcastle - if bookings ae good.
Glad to see you still have plenty of blog in you it's good to see what's happening the other side of the world. Liz

lizzie said...
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lizzie said...

Message deleted was only the same as above inadvertently repeated!

Maggi said...

Great photo of you and Robin and thanks so much for sharing the photos of the exhibition in both these posts. Glad that all your hard work was worthwhile