Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Can't Stop......

I am like a woman possessed, I can't stop producing stuff.
Well to be honest with you I have a few things coming up that I have to make items to sell.
Firstly is our Church fete the weekend after next and then the Guild exhibition is in the middle of October.
It is a good thing that these events didn't happen in April/May because they wouldn't have received anything from me.
Anyway I decided to show the girls at our church craft group how I make cards from recycled Christmas and birthday cards.
It is very easy and not expensive which allows the fete people to sell them for a very reasonable price.
We all know that when people go to a fete they want to get bargains so one has to make things that will sell fairly cheap.
I am not a believer that just because things are donated they should be sold for next to nothing.
I feel sorry for people who knit items for sale only to find that they are being sold for less than the wool cost them.
I once made some cakes and slices for a cake stall and the engredients cost me around $40 and I was a bit upset to see that they all sold for around $25.
Next time I just gave them the money--saved me time and electricity and they got more money.
I am now stepping off my soapbox( goodness me how did I get off on that tangent?)
So here are a few of the cards  (we made 24 all up)

I cut the pictures off old cards and then mount them onto another coloured cards stock then add them onto a card and bingo I have a new card.
Next I add an envelope and pop it in a cello bag and it is ready to go.
The ladies had a great time making them too.


Maggi said...

You really have got your mojo back. Lovely cards. I so agree that just because something is donated it shouldn't be virtually given away.

Janet said...

When you get on a roll you really get going! Could you send me some of that mojo? I could use it right now.

Heather said...

Those cards are all lovely Doreen and so nice to give them a second life rather than throw them away. I'm with you on pricing donated items. It's insulting to the donor to have things practically given away.

Robin Mac said...

I love your cards. I don't make cakes for cake stalls any more, I agree with you - a monetary donation goves them more money and I don't feel I am being diddled! Cheers

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is a lovely idea Doreen - and I'm so happy to see that you're getting into the creative groove again. I knew it would be only a matter of time!

Aussie Jo said...

Great recycling Doreen, it does always seem to be flood or famine!!