Thursday, March 1, 2012

Quack Quack Quack !!!!

If this rain keeps up I will need to grow webbed feet.
We have had rain constantly for 5 days now and it is expected to continue for another week.
Our back yard is waterlogged as you can see by the pools of water around the shrubs and the mulch ground cover is about to float away.
The bird bath looks like a water feature at stages during the rain---enough is enough.

We have a group of magpies that come into our back yard to scratch around in the grass for grubs but lately they keep hopping up onto our back doorstep warbling away at us.
Every time we open the back door they run to the step I think they want to come inside out of the rain -they look so bedraggled I feel sorry for them.

I have finished all the stitching on my white embroidery that I did in Karens class and it is now being damp stretched ready to attach the border.

Hopefully I will be able to take some photos if the sun ever decideds to come out again.


Sue McB said...

We are drowning down south too....enough of this rain!

Aussie Jo said...

The photos of the floods in NSW are terrible, let's hope it is not as destructive as the Qld floods last year.
Keep your feet up!!!


Heather said...

Too much rain is as bad as too little. You'll have to start exporting it to the east of the UK where they are desperate for more rain. My sympathy for those in flooded areas and hope your weather gets back to normal soon.

MosaicMagpie said...

I am looking forward to seeing your cloth! Try to stay dry.

Gina E. said...

Quack! We're getting our fair share down here too, but trying not to complain. After all those years of drought, I don't know what is worse - drought or floods. Our house and yard hasn't suffered any damage; quite the reverse in fact, as all our plants, trees, shrubs, etc. are thriving.
I've been watching your progress on your white work..don't know how you do it!! Fabulous.

Maggi said...

What a pity that the weather can't be shared more equally. We are short of rain over here.

Sandy said...

We have snow again which makes coming off our hill a challenge. Hope it quits raining there.

Dot said...

Oh - I thought I left a comment last night? The rains are very bad in your area. Hope they ease very soon for you.
Am loving all the photo's of the white cloth you are creating for your daughter - it is beautiful Doreen.

Robin Mac said...

I was going to email you the other day suggesting you get your swimmers out - you need them even more now! I am really looking forward to seeing your embroidery later in the year. Stay dry

karen said...

I cannot wait to see your finished cloth and I know how frustrating it is when the rain never seems to stop. Taking pictures of white is hard enough without mother nature making it harder....

Linda Stokes said...

You're having the opposite of us here on the other side of Oz - probably record Autumn heat! Hope it all lets up soon.
Magpies might be after a free lunch - we get them too - quite cheeky at times.
The white embroidery piece is looking fantastic.

carole brungar said...

Your stitched piece is looking lovely!
We have a group of 9 magpies living round us, they make a heck of a noise and terrorize the dog and cats.

Hope your rain stops soon.

karen said...

just stopping by to say hi!!! I hope you are well and I especially hope that it has stopped raining!!!

Dorothy said...

Oh dear! It is either a feast or a famine with this weather! It has been hot but now quite pleasant today although there is not much of a sea breeze tonight.
The white cloth is looking great.