Friday, March 11, 2011

A Great Day

Today we had a visit from my dear blogging friend Robin from Robin's Ramblings and her husband Bill.
We chatted for 4 hours non stop except for when we were poking food into our mouths.
I have known Robin for over 4 years now and we have met on several occasions before when she had come down from Queensland to visit her son who now lives in Canberra.
We had a lot to talk about because we have so much in common and the words kept on flowing with hardly a breath taken in between sentences.
We got our husbands to take our photos together using both our cameras and all I can say is thank goodness they don't take photos for a living because we would all probably starve.
But we got there in the end.

Robin gave me this beautiful box that she made--I saw it on her blog the other day and secretly admired it little knowing that she was bringing it down here for me.
Robin does the best edges using zigzag stitch on her sewing machine and the beautiful gifts that she makes are fabulous.
I tried to take a nice photo of it but to no avail so I nicked this one off her blog-hope you don't mind Robin.

It's nice having good blogging friends.


Joei Rhode Island said...

It's more than nice. And you are one the those that make it so.
Lovely little piece.

Sandy said...

How much fun to meet and what a nice gift.

Heather said...

How lovely that you can get together sometimes - it sounds as if you had a great time. That box is gorgeous - I admired it on Robin's blog when she first posted it.

Janet said...

Sounds like a fun day....friends, food, talking and laughing. Couldn't get much better. And the box she gave you is beautiful! Love that brilliant blue with the gold/yellow.

Ati. said...

I believe you both have had a great day.When I meet Margreet one day in each year we also have tooooo short time to talk :)
Lovely blue box too!

maggi said...

It is so good to meet up with like-minded friends. Lovely photo of you both together and a great gift.