Saturday, March 6, 2010

Have You Ever Noticed-------------

----the colour inside of an envelope when you open your letters?
About 6 years ago I started noticing the different colours and patterns inside the envelopes and decided to collect them.
In the beginning they were only blue and there were maybe 6 or 7 different patterns.
Now I am amazed at the variety in colours and patterns that are around.
This month it was my turn to choose the theme for our small groups ATC swap and I felt it was time to use my envelopes.
The challenge for March is to make the background for the ATC's out of the inside of the envelopes.
When I checked my stash I found that I had 50 different designs/colours and I thought I would use a different colour for each ATC.
I cut 3 strips in each colourway in 3 different patterns and made the backgrounds--now I have to embellish them.

Here are a few of the black patterned ones--

These ones are lime green-----

and mauve-----

These are a dark blue but have photographed a bit lighter---

orange--grey--and aqua---

mid blue-------

and pale blue.

I have the stuff ready to embellish them and get them into the post next weel


Ati. said...

haha.. yes I had noticed that too. I have collected them too. But a while ago I have put it in the waste paper bin. didn't anything with it. I discovered I am not a paper woman, don't know why.I always have a quarrel wih the glue!
Your look fine!

susanmcb said...

Never noticed! But then I think you must get more mail than me! Will keep my eyes open in future. Sue McB

ANNA said...

I did the same about 12 years ago and made a book containing as many coloured envelope insides with a collaged sttiched cover - its lovely when we notice such things that would usually been thrown away. Look forward to seeing what you do with them

Fran├žoise said...

Yes, I noticed. But most of mine are blue or grey.


Lovely ... I will have to start checking. The designs and colours looks good how you've grouped them together like that Doreen

Have a lovely weekend x

Heather said...

What a lovely selection of colours and patterns Doreen. I have heard that the insides of some envelopes are interesting but have never come across any. Maybe I'm not observant enough - I'll keep a look out from now on. Your ATCs will be great. The word verification for this comment is 'cards'!! Very appropriate.

maggi said...

I collected loads of these for an online class a couple of years ago, but I like your use of them much better.

Kris Henderson said...

Aren't they a goldmine?!! If we get people to use them instead of throwing them away, it will be recycling at it's best :)
Have fun!

Monica said...

You certainly see the world around you in more detail than most people, Doreen.

Sandy said...

They are great colors and patterns-never could throw them away.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pretty much grey and blues here...never seen any of the prettier colours. We don't get very many in the mail anyway, but I will start paying more attention!

freebird said...

I only get a few envelopes in the mail and haven't found any of them to be anything but blue. What a collection you have!

Glad you came to visit. I lost all my favorite blogs when my computer crashed. I guess I should use something besides "favorites" to save the blogs I like.

Dot said...

You are a fantastic recycler Doreen! Think I will keep a closer eye on envelopes I receive now.