Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CYBER FYBER almost here

The internet is abuzz with CYBER FYBER fever -the wonderful exhibition created by Susan Lenz in Columbia - South Carolina - USA.
Susan has spent nearly 12 months organising this exhibition and all the other things that are associated with it-ATC and Postcard swaps-exhibitors-sponsors-Opening night-publicity- demonstrations etc.
It is an incredible feat for Susan (and Steve) to pull together and they have done it with such professionalism that it can only be a roaring success.
Ebony and I have been lucky enough to be invited to enter an exhibit and I have enclosed several photos that I have taken from the CYBER FYBER site to show you how they look hanging in the exhibition.
( click on the photos and they will enlarge for easier viewing)
If you click here you will be able to see the demonstration time table for Saturday's Fiber day.

Ebony's quilt hanging in the exhibition is the one second from the right in the corner----hanging near the three pieces by Lynda of Purple Missus.

Here is mine which is the third from the right---the top one.
How exciting is this to be exhibiting in this wonderful exhibition

Wow this is exciting.


Emmy said...

wow it is so exciting to see all the wonderful work you must be so proud ,,, I am

Purple Missus said...

This really is exciting isn't it?
I didn't realise it was Ebonys piece hanging next to mine - how great is that? :))

Aussie Jo said...

Your pieces look sensational, well done to both of you.

Janet said...

That must be so exciting for you and doubly so for Ebony!! You should both be very proud.

Dot said...

This is wonderful Doreen. How exciting for you and for Ebony too.

You create beautiful textile art and I am so pleased you are in this exhibition.

Dot xx