Thursday, January 1, 2009

ATC's from Claudia

Yesterday we received these two ATC's from Claudia who is Jo's daughter.

These are Claudia's drawings of her "crazy angels" which her mother transfered onto fabric and then stitched onto the ATC.
How clever is that---and now we have a piece of her creative drawing.
Ebony chose the one on the left which made me happy because I really wanted the one on the right but I always give her first choice so it worked out well.
Thank you for the swap Claudia.
I can't show you the cards that we sent to Claudia because somehow they were deleted from the folder that I had them in----Mr Nobody has been at it again.
Do you have a Mr. Nobody in your house ?---when things go missing "nobody" know what happened to them.

OK I have cheated I went to Jo's blog and copied the pictures that she had put on her blog.
Ebony's is the one on the right.


dogonart said...

Happy New Year Doreen. I drop by your blog all the time but usually don't comment so this is my New Year's resolution. If I drop by, I'll comment. Enjoy all your reports of your stuff. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you everything good for the New Year!!

Maureen said...

when things go missing in our house I 'check the fridge' the other morning after searching the kitchen for the dish cloth I found it in the fridge!

Purple Missus said...

It wasn't me deleted them this time, promise *LOL*
I can relate to the 'Mr Nobody' bit. Thought he would disappear when the children all left home - but he still pops up every now and then :)

Dot said...

The ATC's you received are gorgeous (your friend is very clever and so is her daughter).

And the ones you made are gorgeous too!