Friday, January 11, 2008

Ta Da The new Beginnings

And this is how it looks now--starting from the left as you enter the room --the fabrics cupboard has been culled --I didn't need all the patchwork fabrics that I had--I haven't made a quilt since 2002 and I still have 6 quilts on the bottom shelf that need to be finished in some way.The boxes contain laces -ribbons and other small things.

This cupboard has all my paper art and mixed media stuff in it and folders full of things that I can't live without.

On the bottom shelf -the first 2 folders on the left hold all my TAST samples.

The box is next -you couldn't see it before for all the junk.

Now it is full of wools and fancy fibres --for felting and making tassels.

The sewing table- yes it was there after all and all 3 machines will fit on it now.

The wall behind the table has all the bits that I need at arms reach and I didn't touch this.

The boxes--well they are still there- sorted- and all labelled with what's inside minus all the clutter that was on top of them---16 archival boxes full of everything a girl needs to create whatever she wants to.

Next came the bookcases but I haven't touched them because I knew that I wasn't going to throw anything out and I can clean that up next week.

Then next comes the stamps and stamp pads---this is not really a proper way to store these things but I just have nowhere else to put them.

Behind the stand are the rolls of fabrics etc and I haven't touched them either because I did that before Christmas--and the 2 boxes near the doorway hold all my embroidery threads etc.

Stephen's reaction when he came home from the cricket--and he had to go and lie down because of the shock.

Ta Da and this is what he saw-I still have things under the desk-the black tray to the left of the chair holds all my tools i.e. heat gun- soldering iron -small paper trimmer you get the idea-and the plastic boxes are full of ---you guessed it more fabric.

I forgot to mention that before I retired I worked in a Sewing machine shop for 2 years and before that for 10 years I worked in a FABRIC shop.

The end.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

The end? I think not! This wonderful room is just the beginning of some wonderful creativity. Love it!

Sandy said...

I worked at fabric shops and sewing machine dealers, also a mail order supply place, as we moved around. I know what you are saying. Sandy

Hilary Metcalf said...

Wow Doreen - I am impressed! I had a very tiny mini clean up over New Year - one small garbage bag - I am not feeling quite strong enough to go the whole hog like you - but I might just have to think about it - the results look so wonderful!

Christine said...

I have started a mini-tidy-ip too, Doreen, as someone else in the TIF challenge comments said recently it must be my Scottish roots kicking in. I usually tidy up after each major project is finished, so I haven't done much cleaning lately, LOL. Not many major project reached the end LAST year, but I hope to improve this year, with Sharon's help and encouragement from my fellow TIFfers. It DOES feel great to tidy up doesn't it, clears the head for new thoughts?
Christine in sunny Sydney

Dianne said...

Oh, can you come and do mine PLEASE!!!!???? Love the look on hubbys face....(LOL).

Janet said...

The look on your hubby's face is priceless! You did such a good job. When can you come do my room?? I'm still trying to get some sort of organization in there but nothing seems to work.

I want to rummage through that huge box of fibers and yarns!

Pat said...

This is a thing of great beauty and stunning achievment (especially the throwing out part, that is sooo hard). Enjoy!!

Carol said...

Woohoo, what a great job, I hate to go and lok in mine now :)

Ati. Norway. said...

So good of you to do that. I hope you can find everything, now it is on a different place? LOL
The last time I cleaned out I was seeking for everything in the next month :)

Susan D said...

Thanks for the guided tour Doreen, well worth the effort. I love to see other people's workrooms. Lucky you though working in a fabric shop, heaven.

Doris said...

oh, Great job!, I dare not look at the place where I have everything stacked and disorderly.

sharon young said...

Hi Doreen
What a fantastic transformation, but to be honest I was a bit impressed with all your named boxes and you did actually have a place for everything and seemed to know where that was, LOl. I hope you can find their new homes and have a lot of fun with stuff you haven't seen in ages, think you're very brave!

Susan said...

Amazing, simply amazing! Love your husband's reaction.

Jacquelines blog said...

Can you please, please come overhere, my study also need a very good reorganisation :-)
Oh, and bring Stephen also if he can handle an even greater shock:-)
But to be honest, I really must follow you're example. I can work ordinately anymore. Maybe it is because of the new year that this starts to tickle. (cleaning I mean)

Penny said...

I wondered where you were, what a great clean up, I actually picked up and put away some of the fabrics on the floor this morning that had landed there while looking for something else!!

Dot said...

Doreen - you have done an AMAZING job tidying up your craft space! And it sounds like it was very hard work (I didn't send out a search party as I knew you were doing ' good' work!).

The look on Stephen's face is priceless (and made me laugh out loud).

By the way Ebony's ATC's (and a few extra goodies) are finished and will be winging their way to you tomorrow.

I think you should hire out your services to people who need to declutter!

sammy said...

Thank you so much for giving the two tours of your room... It is a room I could just sit down and be so comfortable in... I just love seeing where my friends are doing their awesome art!