Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year -New Beginnings-BIG clean up

As Sharon Boggan often says "Settle down-grab yourself a cuppa as this is going to be a long one"

Well after seeing Sharon's weigh in of her stuff I decided that I needed to do something about the state of my sewing room-it was a disgrace and an embarrasment and it was hindering my creativity big time.

I have taken photo's so that you can see what I mean so here goes the guided tour.

When you walk in the door -on the right is a bookshelf which desperately needs a tidy up.

Next we have boxes -boxes and more boxes and then there's the stuff on top of the boxes.

This is the R/H corner of my sewing table- the plastic drawers contain paper art stuff.

Under the sewing table--Where do my feet go?- the big black tool box on the right contains all my Machine embroidery threads----

A blanket box next to the table----could never get into it because of all the stuff on top of it

The top shelf of a cupboard ----

The middle shelf of the same cupboard----

The bottom shelf of the same cupboard----

Patchwork fabrics and anything else that I could squeeze in there---

The Glitzy fabrics that one seems to collect are stored in the boxes under the sewing table-- you can't see them but they are there.

Now let me tell you it has taken me 4 days and nights to clean up this room and this morning it was a delight to walk past the room and be greeted by such a wonderful sight ---How long will it stay like this--I don't know but I do know I don't need to buy anything--"need" being the operative word here--for a very long time--but I am sure I will see something in the future that I can't live without (wink-wink) isn' that the way it goes.

And by the way I have thrown out 10 big garbage bags of stuff--all rubbish -no good things in there-but I have a clothes basket of patchwork fabrics that I will sell later and 2 clothes baskets of stuff to take into The EG for their recycle table and another pile I am donating to charity.

Oh and this is Ebony's room where I had to put all the stuff that was on my sewing table and the floor so that I could get started.

You will have to read on below to see the results----------------


Magpie's Mumblings said...

oh my (sighing happily) I KNEW you were a kindred soul!! I want to come & play in your studio. You gots neat *stuff*!

sharonb said...

I bet you feel 100% now it is done - I know since my clean out I have been very productive - wishing the same for you this year too!

Purple Missus said...

That song 'What a difference a day makes' keeps going around in my head now! You must have worked like a dervish. For goodness sake, how much stuff could one woman actually want? I think we need to come over and help you out with some of it *LOL*

Lise said...

Good work!! I'm impressed - wish it was me.....

sharon young said...

Wouldn't that have been a great party!!!

Jan said...

Gosh - NOW I realise why you were up almost ALL night! I'm impressed and very envious!
Well done