Friday, May 11, 2012


What have I been doing for ten days? Well you will be pleased to know that I have finally come out of the wilderness and I owe it all to this fabulous workshop that I have been doing with Roben-Marie Smith  The class is called Collage Construct and Affirm.
I have been tearing up paper and gluing it down plus painting and using oil pastels and inks and a heap of other stuff and I have ended up with this fabulous portfolio.
The first pic shows it laying down because I was trying to take an arty farty photo.

In the second one you can see it front on--it is supposed to have the flap on the right hand side so you will have to turn your head to the left to see it properly (o-oh was that your neck I heard crack)

Here it is opened out and you can see on the left
side I have added a pocket that has a velcro tab on the centre right hand side plus the album pages on the right side with the pointy flap bit folded back so you can see it.

This time the flap is folded out so you can see how the complete thing looks.
When you close it the left side with the pocket folds in and then the flap fold over and fits into the strip on the front to form the closure.

The next two photos are out of order but you will get the picture as to what is going on.
You can see the inside which has been painted  and then I made the pocket and stitched it on.

These are the pages which I painted --I think Ebony could have done a better job of it than I did.

Well that's it I have created something--at last.
And I have also been doing a bit of felting and stitching and baking as well which is a big surprise because I don't normally do cakes etc---a bit scary me-thinks.

Now all I have to do is try and figure out how Blogger ever expects me to understand what he is up to.
I may take up sending smoke signals instead so keep looking skywards my friends you might just see something.


DIAN said...

Doreen, this is some gorgeous work. I love the colour and thanks for showing us how it opens up etc. I like the idea of the velcro fastening too.

Heather said...

Your portfolio is fabulous Doreen and I love those painted pages, they tone perfectly with the cover. Blogger is a pain isn't it? Just when you become nicely familiar with it, some bright spark decides to update it all and you're fumbling around in the dark again.
Happy fumbling!

Jenxo said...

ogh doreen this is just love to do that class too.... i love your soft colors you used.....

Jenny said...

Stunning Doreen... how gorgeous... I love the softness too... can only imagine how much fun this must have been... nothing quite like a class to get the inspiration flowing... can't wait to see what you do next... and oh... I will look out for the smoke signals :))

Jenny x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

No smoke signals evident here! You've done something really outside your comfort zone with this I think - and you've made something you should be proud of. I'll bet you had fun doing it too!

Robin Mac said...

I have watched bits of the ideos, but have not had time even to start - nor have I managed to clear a large enough space on my work table, but I am looking forward to the challenge. I love what you ahve doen. Cheers

Sandy said...

It is fab. I like your painted papers.

shirley said...

Your portfolio is terrific, love the colours of the papers too.
Decided to bite the bullet and go with the updated blogger Doreen, and am slowly getting used to it because now I cant find how to get back to the old way.

I will not go quietly into the 21st century I am kicking and screaming all the way.

Penny said...

Looks lovely Doreen. I havent had much of a problem with blogger but then I post through picasa and that maybe why so far I do as usual.

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous Doreen, congratulations. I love the soft colouring, and of course, it seems your construction is second to none. Lovely to see what you've been doing, and thanks for the link to the tutor. Cheers.

Hilary Metcalf said...

Hi Doreen - good to see what you have been up to. I have re-joined blogging land after a long break - hope you will come and viit me time you used to!

Hilary Metcalf said...

Me again - I forgot to mention that I have moved my blog from Blogger over to Wordpress - still trying to sort out how I change my profile when I comment on other people's blogs.
You can find me here

Dorothy said...

I love your gentle colours, for me it invites one to want to look closer. Very nice indeed.
On the problem with Blogger because I changed my server and have a new email address it tells me constantly that I am not the author of my blog hence no additions have been made.Very frustrating.

Janet said...

LOVE the portfolio! The colors are beautiful and I like all the swirly designs. I have that class on my "maybe" list if I ever get time.

Sending up smoke signals might work although by the time they cross the ocean they might be all jumbled up. Hang in'll figure it all out. Of course, then blogger will change things again!

Linda Stokes said...

Fabulous journal Doreen - I agree with everyone re your colours, design and finish!

Jacquelines blog said...

This looks lovely Doreen!

Maggi said...

The portfolio is gorgeous. I love Roben-Marie's work