Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vintage Buttons

Yesterday I lucked upon these vintage buttons at my local op-shop (thrift shop) much to my delight.
They are a type of Dorset Button and they are very small--the tiny ones are 1cm wide and the bigger ones are 1 and 3/4cms wide.
The patterns on them are really beautiful and I hope that you are able to see them clearly.
The plain white one in front of the two apricot ones is all fabric--no stitching.
I remember seeing this type of button on very old nightgowns.

There hasn't been much going on in the embroidery scene around here for a while--things have just got in the way.

Ebony started high school on Monday --year 7 which has left me a bit emotionally drained.

Where did that little girl go-now she doesn't need me like she used to I feel strange.

I never felt like that with my own children when they went to high school and I really must get over it.

Yesterday I started up a craft group at our church for the ladies in the local area.

I wanted them to have a place where they could come and chat and stitch -knit or crochet and have a cupper and make new friends.

The area where our church is situated is not a very affluent area and some of the mums don't get out and about much so I wanted to do something for them.

I thought that I would get about 8 or 10 people along but was I surprised when we ended up with 18 people and what's more is they want to come back again.

Who's a happy girl now?
Oh and I forgot to tell you that I am better now-just an infection or two that really upset the system.

Thanks to everyone who has been worried about me--it is nice to have such caring friends.


Pat said...

Poor you, empty nest syndrome,I remember it well but what a lovely positive thing to do. I am sure with you at the helm your new group will be a great success. I love your find can you use them on your white work?

Anneliese said...

These are lovely, the Dorset buttons. Especially for us who know how to make them.
And your founding a group for women to knit, chat, crochet, perhaps sew by hand....just wonderful. It is so much fun to be with like-minded people, learn from each other and be able to talk to someone.

Heather said...

Those gorgeous Dorset buttons are a real find and it's great that someone like you, who can really appreciate them, has given them a home.
Sorry you are missing Ebony, but she'll always need her lovely Gran even if she gets a bit busy with her life now and then.
So glad you are feeling better and things have been easily sorted.
Your idea to start a craft group was obviously a good one with that wonderful response.

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful to know that you are well again Doreen, Hard to believe how the years have flown and that Ebony is now a high school student! What a lovely idea to start up a craft group at your church - you are such a generous person. I am amazed that someone would want to dispose of those gorgeous buttons, but they have definitely gone to a very good home. Cheers

saraz said...

wow-- what a find. A treasure. I am so glad you found these...

Gina E. said...

Oh, you are a sweet lady! That is a kind and thoughtful idea to start a craft group for lonely/not-so-well off ladies, and you are just the right person to guide the group along.

Micki said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Maureen said...

That was a lucky find Doreen, I had a go at making some a couple of years ago it was fun.Well done on your crafty group I hope it continues.Looks like you and Jan should get together to search for your mojos!!

Janet said...

I've never seen buttons like those. How beautiful.

I wish you were close by. I'd surely join your craft group so I could meet other artsy/crafty people.

And I doubt that you have to worry too much about Ebony. I'm sure she will always need her Grandma and value her time with you. I can't believe she's in high school!!

Sandy said...

Of course we care about you.Our girls are growing up. I think we were just too busy when our kids were that age. I'm sure the ladies loved the group and are pleased you are doing that for them.

Penny said...

Those buttons were a great find. Sad how they grow up so quickly but you will always be there for her. Great idea having a group to come together, sometimes I think I would like to get a group together but not living in the town makes things rather more difficult.
The new dog is keeping me fit!

DIAN said...

How kind of you to start up that group Doreen. Do you need any supplies at all? I have lots of back copies of magazines and heaps of other bits and bobs in my stash.

Aussie Jo said...

I'm sure we will see those buttons appear in something beautiful shortly. Good buy.

That will be me next year-last one off to secondary school.