Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dying Day

Early this week I went to my friend Suzannes place and we did some more dying in preparation for selling at the Guilds annual exhibition.
After we had all the important fabrics-threads-and laced dyed we had some dyes left and I decided to cram jar a few bits and pieces to see what the outcome would be.
Among what I shoved into the jar were these paper napkins.
They are not like the ordinary thin napkins that you see in some restaurants --these are large and thick and they feel like they are made of cotton.
I discovered them a few years back when I was taken to a posh restaurant by a friend and I kept mine and while playing with inks at home one day I discovered that they held the dye brilliantly and I decided to make some paper beads with them.
Until recently I had not seen them anywhere else-but I went out to lunch with a friend after attending the Guild and lo and behold this place had these napkins.
I instructed my friend not to make a mess on her napkin and I neatly folded up mine and put it in my bag as well as taking the other two which were also on the table-(cheeky).
Now I had 4 pristine white napkins to play with.
Back to the dying---I didn't know if they would fall to pieces or not but I poked them in the jar with the dye and soda ash and waited to see what would happen.
The dyes were procion in magenta-sun yellow and intense blue.
As you can see they all have a strong magenta colour --------the first one was on the top and the yellow and blue colours are visable.

This one was in the middle and only the yellow got through to it---------------------

The final one was on the bottom and is only pink and it is half the size of the others.

I think I will stitch on them and make book covers out of them.


shirley said...

Doreen, I can just imagine the wondrous things you will create with these gorgeous colours. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Heather said...

Gorgeous colours and beautiful results. We all want to know how to get our hands on those paper napkins - it will obviously pay to go out to lunch more often!

Dorothy said...
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Suztats said...

What nice results! I look forward to seeing what you create.

Janet said...

I want to know if you wiped your mouth on your sleeve since you didn't use your napkin! :-)

The colors are beautiful and I have no doubt you'll create something extraordinary with them.

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful, and I have some of those napkins too so I must have a go with the dyes. I wish I could remember where I found the last lot of napkins - probably somewhere where I can't return! Cheers