Friday, April 22, 2011

The Two Faces of Ebony

This is a photo of Ebony that I took earlier this week.
She has had her hair braided by her mother and no it isn't all her own hair-she has hair extensions in it.
Oh and no she doesn't wear glasses either there are no lenses in the glasses--she just likes doing things like this just for fun.
She was also wearing a pair of red and white striped sox that came up over her knees and she had on a pair of dark blue denin shorts as well.
I am always amazed at what she turns up wearing but then her dad was the same when he was her age.

This is what she looked like the week before.


Heather said...

What fun she has - she looks very studious in those specs, but I think she looks beautiful in the second photo.

maggi said...

She is growing into a very beautiful young lady. Lovely photos.

Fran├žoise said...

She looks so grown up suddenly! Is she still doing art with you?

Janet said...

No matter what, she's a gorgeous girl! I think expressing ourselves through our clothes is just another way of being creative.

Micki said...

Ebony is really turning into quite the lovely young lady. How fast they grow up!

Pat said...

Beautiful both ways Doreen.